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The Brand

Heinek’s idea behind QUODARTIS was very simple. Bring the art closer to people. Make it for people. As art truly should be.  QUODARTIS from service point of view differs in a way of service complexity with true international operation, honesty in the service and the ability to offer different styles of art to the clients. You can look at QUODARTIS as on a delivery service. Delivering messages to different audiences, telling a story…Your story.

About Heinek

Heinek is 40 years old artist and director Hynek Vrba. Heinek started to draw at his 6 years with an natural inspiration in his father and an aim to follow his footsteps as an artist. He studied an Art and Marketing and was exhibiting in his young age of 18 in Berlin and Prague focused already in that time on capturing and expressing real stories of people and their emotions. Later on he travels because of work and has been chosen to work on big commercial projects for brands as Aston Martin, Porsche, Esquire and others around the world as a director.

Already at the beginning Heinek felt that his way of art will differ from his father’s oil landscapes. His journey of a technique development and experiments with different styles, all of it has been leading him to just one point and a simple goal. To have an absolute freedom to express himself and talk to people in a way of art they might listen to. Without any cliches or taboos. He always believed a good art can talk to people and felt himself as an artist who is more like a messenger or a storyteller sending a message to the audience. His ability and knowledge of different styles of art gives him today the freedom to express any story for his clients in the most effective way and in a form they like as we all love the art just the styles sometimes differ…

Besides commercial projects Heinek has been working for some time on several private projects as short films and he also dedicates every possible time to a novel writing. His novel TOUCH is still awaited to be published and a trilogy of films (a story of Ethan and Francesca) finally produced. One movie from the series of mentioned films called Late has been already produced and premiered in January 2016 in Malta.

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